Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Beginning

So this isn't my first attempt at blogging.  I tried two years back to maintain a blog of my travels to South America, fully intending on keeping my family and friends in the United States abreast of my adventures south of the Equator.  But alas, tango dancing, empanadas and broken Spanish kept me more than occupied during my time there- and unfortunately kept me away from my computer.

So as I am getting ready for my latest adventures (moving to NYC for the second time, starting a new job, searching the city for the perfect apartment and roommate, and embracing quasi-adulthood to the fullest), I have decided to start a new blog to keep track of my adventures and discoveries.  I realize this may seem a little ambitious based on my blogging history, but I am going to give it my all this time around.  And while I am not sure quite yet as to what shape this blog may take, I think it will be interesting to follow and watch as it grows.

So that's it.  My first post.  Let's hope there is an entry that follows within the next 14 days (c'mon, you have to cut me a little slack in the beginning).  :o)


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