Thursday, February 18, 2010

Can Target Hit a Bulls Eye With JPG?

I love the idea of Target's Designer Collaboration lines that come out about six times a year. Target manages to get some of the biggest designers in the world to create accessible, affordable lines of truly fashion-forward pieces. Season after season, I make a point to visit Target on the day the Design Collaboration lines launch, hoping to find a unique and well-fitting pseudo-designer piece to add to my closet.

I CANNOT BEGIN TO TELL YOU HOW MANY SUNDAY MORNINGS HAVE BEEN WASTED AS I WAIT OUTSIDE TARGET AT 9AM ON LINE LAUNCH DAY. Sadly, in the entire history of this Target Designer Collaboration concept, I have never purchased one item. In my experience, the pieces are ill-fitting, sold out, or (gasp) completely off-trend. I want to be able to purchase something from this amazing Target fashion idea, but I have yet to be moved by any of its offerings.

On March 7, Jean Paul Gaultier launches his Target Design Collaboration line. Can he prove me wrong? Check out a few shots of his Target designs below. Loving the trench coat...


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