Monday, February 22, 2010

Dan Black

I am always looking for music to compliment the current season I am in, searching for albums and songs that match perfectly with the weather as I walk outside. A hot and sunny July day? Give me a some Vampire Weekend. A crisp November morning? I hate to admit it, but a little John Mayer is the perfect musical match.

The end of February is always a tricky time of year for me. It's still very much wintertime, but my mind is always in full-on Spring mode. It's hard to convince myself that I have to wait at least two more months before I can even begin thinking about breaking out my spring wardrobe, but somehow I manage to get myself to plug right through the doldrums of February and March. I think this has a lot to do with dreams of warmer months to come and, of course, appropriate music to keep me sane and power me through the last months of winter.

Dan Black's latest album, UN, is exactly what I have been in search of to carry me over to spring. The album has a unique combination of subdued yet powerful beats that soothingly pump me up to make it through the day. Have a listen to this great track:

P.S. If anyone out there knows how to embed songs (not cheesy
YouTube videos) into blogs, please let know! I would love to be
able to keep this blog looking a little more streamlined. xoxo

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