Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A List To Live By

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There is something refreshing about the week after Memorial Day. There is no denying the fact that summer is upon us- and there is no excuse not to start living out your summer plans! I was inspired by this lovely little blog to start thinking about what my summer goals are. It took me mere minutes to write out my goals... but let's see if I can actually accomplish them all come September!

1. Travel to a city outside of NYC at least once a month (preferably one I have never visited before).

2. Hop the train to the beach at least twice a month.

3. Go on as many evening bike rides as possible- including pedaling over the Brooklyn Bridge!

4. Master the art of sangria making.

5. Read at least two books a month. Magazines absolutely do not count.

6. Discover a new hobby that requires me to work with my hands. Any suggestions?

7. Become the master hostess of brunches.

8. Go to as many free concerts as possible. There are so many this summer!

9. Make popsicles every Sunday.

1 comment:

  1. Read The Help, and City of Thieves! Both fabulous books. I like the popsicles every sunday the most, might have to try that :)