Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Grey's Anatomy

I made it a priority to head over to Dose Market this weekend at the River East Arts Center, and I honestly must say it is quite a gem. Gathering together Chicago's innovators in fashion, food, and design one Sunday a month, Dose Market is quickly becoming the filler to a void that came into my life when I recently moved away from Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Oh Brooklyn Flea, my love...

As I perused the rows of vendors, I found myself groping a specific piece of jewelry over and over again. While I managed to leave Dose Market without buying anything, two days later I find myself visiting the designer's website and fawning over everything on the site.

Shades of Grey is a Chicago-based line that uses vintage jewelry and beads to create pieces that are truly up to the moment. Although mainly based in metals, the use of ribbon and other materials give the pieces a feminine edge... perfect for all my favorite late summer/early fall looks.

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