Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's On.

I think we all know the feeling: that creeping uneasiness that takes over in late November. Now that the Holiday season has officially begun, the pressure of finding the perfect gifts for everyone from grandma to your doorman, managing to attend at least nine holiday parties each week in December, and fighting against holiday airport traffic has truly caused the pressure to set in.  How are you supposed to accomplish all of that AND remember to pay your rent?

In order to help everyone stay sane and enjoy the sparkly, fete-filled month ahead, I have pulled together some of the top tools I use to stay organized. No, they are not as good as having a personal assistant, but they run a close second.

Have to Have

This website is the ultimate tool for building and managing your shopping lists.  As you browse the web and come across a piece that is perfect for Aunt Ethel (or yourself), just click the Have to Have marklet tool and it automatically saves to your Have to Have profile.  You can create different lists and layouts to stay organized and inspired.  The best feature of this tool?  It lets you know as soon as one of the items on your list goes on sale!


If you are anything like me, your bills tend to disappear into an abyss of papers and emails as soon as they enter your apartment or inbox.  It's gotten so bad that my internet was recently cut off due to a missing bill... Oops.  I've since reformed myself by using Manilla, which manages all of your accounts (from utility bills to credit card statements to magazine subscriptions) and sends you an email alert when your balance is due.  No more need to memorize 20 different login names and passwords to pay your bills- Manilla manages it all.


Lists are my friend.  I make them multiple times a day, carefully writing down things I need to do, buy, and see.  But for some reason, as soon as I finish writing them, they always disappear.  TeuxDeux has been a savior since it came into my life.  It allows you to create online lists from day to day, and if you don't cross something off, it automatically moves the item to the next day on you calendar, making sure you don't miss a thing on your list.  They also have a mobile app, which allows you to synch up your lists to your phone when you are on the go.  This little tool (which is lovely to look at thanks to great design) is definitely a must-have for staying on top of things this Holiday season.


I am sure most of you already know about Pinterest, but for those of you who haven't yet signed up, this tool is the ultimate image and idea aggregator.  Next time you are inspired by an outfit or image on your favorite website, you can mark it and automatically save it to your Pinterest board.  While tearing out pages from magazines is fun, this tool makes sure your favorite images won't get lost in the shuffle.  Pinterest is also a social tool, allowing you to connect to follow your friends' Pinterest boards for additional inspiration.  The perfect holiday party- from decor to recipes- is only a few image saves away thanks to this amazing site.

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