Friday, September 14, 2012

Inspire Files: Rachel Khoo

I think most of us have a secret (or not so secret) dream of quitting our jobs, packing our bags and moving to Paris to pursue our passions: writing, fashion, cooking, art. While we can fantasize about our dream lives all day long, very few of us actually make the change. Rachel Khoo is the exception. 

After years of working in PR for Thomas Pink in London, Rachel left her position, cleared out her savings and moved to the City of Lights to pursue her passion for French pastry. She learned French while working as an au pair and eventually achieved her dream by attending Le Cordon Bleu. After graduating, Rachel combined her passion for cooking with her PR and branding savvy to launch The Smallest Restaurant in Paris, a two seat cafe in her miniscule Parisian studio apartment. Rachel's mini-restaurant took off immediately, as not only was the concept unique, but the cooking stood up to fine French cuisine- with Rachel's eclectic twist.

Since then, Rachel has written cookbooks, consulted on food brands and, earlier this year, earned her own TV series with the BBC, The Little Paris Kitchen. I recently watched all of her episodes and I can honestly say that Rachel is one of the most entertaining, relatable and talented young food personalities around. Her British humor and down-to-earth attitude really make her addicting to watch... and cause you to quickly develop a very serious girl crush. Thanks for the inspiration, Rachel!

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